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Christmas/New Year Planning

As bookkeepers, it's when we're juggling fewer working days in December and January with family and other events, while ensuring our clients needs are met - bills still need to be paid, invoices sent & payrolls processed regardless of the time of the year. What are your plans for the Christmas/New Year period. Are you going to be:open as usual?closed for certain days? working the non-statutory days (aka the days in-between)? If you have staff, now is a good time to discuss their summer holiday p...

October 7, 2021

Continuous learning

One of the things I love about bookkeeping is the continuous learning. Whether its systems, tax & employment legislation or new clients' businesses, we are always upskilling & polishing our craft. We just love bookkeeping! Recently, I undertook to improve the financial reporting we provide to our clients. Not only have we received very positive feedback from our clients during the trial, I'm also very happy to announce I've been awarded Certified Advisor status for Syft Analytics.If your struggl...

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